National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

Floyd Courthouse Chapter
Floyd, Virginia
December 23,1931



Regent Mrs. Barbara Thomas Spangler
First Vice Regent Mrs. Linda Aldridge Haney
Chaplain Mrs. Mary Edith Aaron Hankins
Secretary Mrs. Jackie Wimmer Frith
Treasurer Mrs. Neoma Sheppard Hall
Registrar Mrs. Judith Gordon Blackwell
Historian Mrs. Karen  Agnew Bingham
Librarian Mrs. Kathryn Agnew Van Tassell

Members Serving Virginia DAR
District VII Parliamentarian Jacquelyn Wimmer Frith




“Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future"


"DAR...Together in Harmony:  Celebrating the Past, Inspiring the Present, Anticipating the Future"

Meeting Dates   Program Topics:
September 3, 2013   "Water Witching and Finding Graves"
September 11, 2013   Patriot's Day
September 17-23, 2013   Constitution Week
September 17, 2013   District IV and VII Fall forum-Bristol
October 1, 2013   "Reading in Floyd is Fun"
November 5, 2013   "History of Indians in Our Area"
October 11, 2012   NSDAR Founders Day
December 3, 2013   "Christmas Social at The Hotel Roanoke"
March 4, 2014   "Floyd County Post Office"
March 28-30, 2014   "Virginia State Conference, Roanoke"
April 1, 2014   "Return of the Chestnut Tree"
May 6, 2014   "Medical Alert System and Home Security"
June 3,  2014   "Patriotic Music"
July 4, 2014   Fly Your Flag
July 25-29, 2014   Continental Congress, Washington, DC
Have a Great Summer   See you in September


Our Ancestors

Anderson, James, Pvt., VA
Bishop, Henry, Pvt., VA
Blum, Johann H. Pvt.,PA
Bolick, Casper, Pvt. NC
Cannaday, James, Pvt., VA
Charlton, John III, VA
Chapin, Samuel, CPL, MA
Cole, Joseph, Pvt., VA
Critz, Hamon, Capt., VA
Crockett, Hugh, VA
Eanes, Edward, Pvt., VA
Edwards, Issac, Pvt. VA
Grubb, Henry, Sol PS, VA
Goodykoontz, Hans George, VA
Hall, Jesse, Pvt., NY
Harper, Johan Jacob, PS, VA
Hill, James, NH
Hill, Viloet, PS, VA
Holland, Drury, Pvt., VA,
Howard, Sir William, PS, VA
Hughlett, William Thrift, Capt., NC
King, John, Pvt., MD

Lamar, William Bishop, PS MD
Lester, John, Pvt. VA
Lucas, John, Capt.,VA
McAlexander, John, Pvt., VA
McAlexander, William, PS, VA
Padgett, Thomas, PS, NC
Payne, Augustine, VA
Preston, Joel, Pvt., VA
Rodruff, John, PA
Sedgwick, Samuel, PS, CT
Shaw, Nathan, LT., NJ
Shelor, Daniel, VA
Souder, Jacob, Pvt., VA
Sherman, Aaron, Pvt.. MA
Taylor, Skelton, VA
Thomas, Charles, PS, VA
Thompson, John, Sr. PS, VA
Trammell, Thomas, Pvt., SC
Waddell/Weddle, Benjamin, Sol., VA
Whetstone, Jacob, PA
Yates, Stephen, PS, VA
Vest, John, Pvt. VA

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                        Chapter History
   On December 23, 1931, The Floyd Courthouse Chapter was organized.  Since the chapter was to encompass the entire county, it was named Floyd Courthouse, in honor of the County and of Governor John B. Floyd. Anne Simmons Profitt (Mrs. J. E.) was the Organizing Regent. She served as the first Regent of the Chapter and gave her full support to Chapter activities until her death in 1974.  In 1940, the Chapter placed a bronze plaque in the Floyd Courthouse, in memory of patriots of the American Revolution.  It contains the names of the 18   patriots buried in Floyd County.

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