Karl Jurak spent much of his early life in the rich mountain's and
alpine valleys of Austria. His love of
Nature led him to a particular focus
on the life sustaining properties of
plants and herbs.
       He aggressively conquered the
Mountains climbing from peak until one day he experienced an unexpected loss of energy. Clinging
to a rugged ledge, he faltered and
fought for every breath. Unable to
lift himself to safety, Karl waited
for assistance at the peril of the
mountains he loved.
       Knowing he must improve his
physical condition, Karl vowed never
to find himself powerless against
The demands of the mountains
again. He was driven to establish
A state of optimum physical condition to overcome his limitations.
       Karl was sure that nature had
anticipated man's needs, and began
his search for the most significant
botanical elements that would provide the solution to his problem.
       At a very young age, Karl enter-
ed the University of Vienna and beg-
an to demonstrate his belief that through the Laws of science he could
tap into the wonders of nature. This
became the subject of his doctoral
        Through diligent research and
testing Karl developed a unique for-
mula that improved general well be-
ing. Karl had a vivid impression that
led him to the precise stabilizing cat-
alyst he had searched for.
         As the news of his discovery
Spread, DR.Jurak provided the formula to friends, family and colleagues
With no thought of commercial gain.
But his life was permanently altered
By his permanently by his important
discovery known as----
         K.M. is a careful blend of
14 botanical herbs in a 32oz.
Bottle. (About 1 month supply

      "For a lifetime this product has helped me, my family and friends.
   In sixty years given
time, I have never seen
this product fail once in  helping do some good for the people using it"

           of K.M.

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