Family Tree of James Tyler & Martha Alverta Fulcher


Please click on the link below. Note you need Adobe Acrobat, or Reader to view and print these pages. They are listed in order from parents to oldest child.
The original files were created in Filemaker Pro from documents received from Leota Kneval, S. T. Fulcher also supplied some information to Leota Kneval.
Please let me know of discrepancies, and I will correct any. Where persons were married more than once it is indicated. Children from parents of first marriages and additional marriages, are listed in different groupings

James Tyler/Martha Alverta Fulcher.
Eva Maben Fulcher/Eddie Jessie Taylor.
John Penn Fulcher.
Nina Myrtle Fulcher/John Edd Harris.
Lena Goode Fulcher/William Norris.
Gertie Lou Fulcher/Ellis Fulcher.
Gladys Angeline Fulcher/John Lee East.

Verta Ranie Fulcher lived only four months.
Ruth Cornelia Fulcher died in childbirth.

Family Pictures


James Tyler Fulcher - Family Crest - Martha Alverta Fulcher



Front, left to right: Gladys East, Lena Norris, Gertie Fulcher, Myrtle Harris.
Center back: Martha Alverta Fulcher.

This is the best that can be done with this picture.
The original was folded, damaging the picture.
There were many spots I had to touch up.
Couldn't do anything about the lighting.

Granny Fulcher in back in the shade of the porch.

This picture was taken at:
Aunt Gertie and Uncle Ellis's house in Stanleytown, Va.
Myrtle Harris my grandmother lived directly across the street.

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