Harris Family Tree

This is Harris Family Tree of George Woodsen Harris, and his Dad William Harris. George Woodsen was married twice. John Edward (Edd) Harris was part of the First Marriage Family; while Maynard Franklin Harris is son from the Second Marriage Family. I've received new information from Leota Kneavel that I have added. I've filled in dates from information she sent. I've also made a PDF document of the pages sent.

I have no pictures of George Wooden Harris nor of his two wives. If anyone has any I would appreciate receiving them.
I do have pictures of John (Edd) and Nina Myrtle (Fulcher) Harris.
Also need Pictures of Maynard Harris, and his wife as well.

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William Harris Descendent of John Woodsen Harris

George Woodsen Harris Family


One version of the Harris Family Crest

------- John Edd Harris ----- Nina Myrtle (Fulcher) Harris

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