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This is a Partial Listing of Family for John Henry Jones and Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones. I need information from Family members for when your parents were married, the children, when they were married, their children(s') names; up to the current generation. I'll add databases as information received.

It would be perfect if I could find Grand Parents names, births, deaths, when married, aunts and uncles; to both The simmons side of as well as the Jones Family.

(Dad talks from time to time of "Aint Sis", and "Uncle Creed". Aunt Sis I believe is on the Simmons side of the family, While, Uncle Creed is on the Jones side of the family.)

(Aunt Sis had a sister who occasionally visited Grandpa Jones while Aunt Sis was staying with him. Both Aunt Sis, and her Sister are buried in the Jones Family Cemetery, with only fire bricks used as their head stones. Originally they were sharp pointed field rock. Uncle Elbert changed them when he started mowing the cemetery at the time he moved to the home place.)

John Henry Jones was born June 12 1864, he died November 13, 1935. Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones was born September 29,1870, she died January 11, 1929. John Henry Jones married Sallie Lee Simmons March 18, 1887.

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Family Tree of John H/Sallie L Jones
Simons Family Tree
(Contributed by Gaynell Hulser Ralph Divers Daughter)

Other pages will be added as information is received.


Below are Pictures of John Henry and Sallie Lee Jones, Family Crest,
and Home place at the time Uncle Elbert lived there.


John Henry Jones ----------------- Family Crest ------ Sallie Lee (Simmons) Jones


Jones Family Home Place

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