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If you're new to kimbanet or to using the Internet we've listed some frequently asked questions below. Hopefully you will find this information useful. If you have questions that are not addressed below please feel free to call Technical Support at 276-666-9209 or toll free outside of the Martinsville/Henry County area at 877-666-9209.


I just bought a new computer and I have it set it up at home. How can I get kimbanet installed on it?

Bring your computer by our office on Liberty St in Martinsville, VA and we will load the software needed to get you online, surf the web and use your e-mail. We also have a self-install CD with an instruction sheet available at no charge to you. Just call or come by our office to get the CD.

Can I bring my computer to your office to have kimbanet installed?

When it comes to servicing computers, we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will install the software but for liability reasons we cannot give lessons in the store. We will schedule an appointment for a lesson for first time users at your convenience.

What's my email address?

Your email address is basically the same as your username. Simply add "" to your username and you have your email address. For example, if your username is JohnDoe, then your email address is

How can I get another email address?

You can have separate email addresses on your account for a small fee. You can have email aliases for free, though. An email alias is a pointer to your real email address. The messages sent to the address and to the alias both go into the same mailbox. Contact kimbanet about getting an email alias for your account.

What are the billing procedures at kimbanet?

You  pay in advance for your kimbanet standard dial-up service. We  process billing on the 25th of each month. The monthly fee is $25.00 for standard dial-up service.

For example: The bill you get between August 26 and  September 1 is for September service.
Payment is due upon receipt. If you pay your monthly bill after the 25th of the month there will be a $5.00 late fee.

If you choose to pay for the year in advance the fee is $239.40, a yearly savings of $60.60. This is a refundable yearly rate.

We also offer a yearly rate of $179.40. This is a one time annual payment and non-refundable with a savings of $120 annually over paying monthly.

If you are paying annually and we haven't received your annual payment by the due date for the upcoming year, the account will revert to monthly service at $25 per month.

To help us simplify our accounting procedures, we ask that you return the postcard stub with your payment and that you write your username on your check.

What do I have to do to discontinue service?

If you must discontinue our service, we require that you give us written notification, either by mail or in person. We do not accept disconnect notices over the phone or by email. You will be disconnected when we receive your written notification.

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