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Weima Horizontal Shredder  
WEIMA America & Hankins Machinery would like to present the quality line of WEIMA Horizontal & Vertical/Tub grinders & shredders.  WEIMA makes many models for horizontal & vertical applications.  Using high torque & low RPMs, the grinders are low in decibels.  This combination makes locating a WEIMA at the source of waste creation a plus.  Operators from ripsaws, panel saws, chop saws, CNC routers, pallet disposal, etc can toss waste into hopper or onto a conveyor at point of creation.  No further handling is necessary.  The waste is ground up to appropriate size to go into dust system, onto conveyor belt, or augured into waste hopper.
Please call or email to discuss any waste application with which Hankins Machinery & WEIMA America may be of service.

Weima Vertical Grinder


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